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Faculty Introduction

  • The Faculty of Humanities and Arts was founded in 2008, and has become the second-largest faculty in the university with over 4100 current students in 2021. It has established a strong reputation in Macau and Asia Pacific region. The Faculty offers 18 programs, including the Bachelor’s program in Journalism and Communication, the Master’s and Doctoral program in Communication; the Bachelor’s program in Art Design, the Master’s and Doctoral program in Design; the Bachelor’s and Doctoral program in Digital Media, the Master’s program in Interactive Media; the Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Film Production, the Master’s and Doctoral program of Management in Film Industry; the Master’s and Doctoral program in Architecture, and the Bachelor’s program in Acting. The Faculty has established the Macao Media Research Center and the Macao World Heritage Conservation and Development Research Centre. The Macao Media Research Center, approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, is a key research base of humanities and social sciences in partnership with the Center for Information and Communication Studies of Fudan University. In addition, The Faculty has built a variety of laboratories and studios for teaching needs and practical training.

    Since 2008, when the Faculty of Humanities and Arts was founded, the Faculty has offered a variety of programs in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences including the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in Art Design, Journalism and Communication, Fine Arts, Film Study, Architecture, Digital Media and Acting.